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Take A Walk In Inverness

Ness IslandsTake a pleasant walk following the east or left bank of the beautiful River Ness upstream from the main road bridge nearest to the Tourist Office. Cross the river, after about ¼ mile, by the Infirmary footbridge – a small suspension bridge that bounces up and down alarmingly if you walk too fast! Further on is a group of islands in the river, which are all connected to each other and the banks by footbridges and are fun to explore.

From the Islands, follow the west bank of the river passing the playing fields and then the miniature golf course until the road bends round to the right then turn right at the next junction. This will bring you to the Floral Hall, the modern building on the right, where you can wander through a display of exotic plants and fearsome cacti, contemplate calm pools with fish or sit for a while.

Eden Court Theatre

Return back along the riverside, passing Eden Court Theatre and Inverness St Andrew’s Cathedral. The Gothic inspired cathedral finished in 1866 was originally intended to have spires but these were never added. At the top of the arched window on the river side is a carved horse, added to commemorate the horse which was used to operate the pulley raising stones to the top during building. Unfortunately the rope broke, dropping a stone which killed the horse, now remembered by the carving!



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